DX9 limitations - Crytek

Crytek talks up DX9 limitations

Laws of phsyics re-written
CRYSIS DEVELOPER Crytek has finally weighed in to the DirectX 9 v DirectX 10 debate, spelling out for gamers what the differences in technology will mean for its upcoming PC title.

There appear to be differences between what the single player will offer and what the multiplayer will bring to the table. Speaking about the multiplayer aspect, according to a posting detailed here, the DX9 version won't have the spectacular physics advertised in trailers and demos so far, nor will it have a day and night cycle.

This means that the shoot-down-trees gameplay simply won't exist in the DX9 version, at least in multiplayer, with players reduced to passive interaction with the environment, rather than the active carnage that has previously been promoted.

The company cited high server load and low performance as the reasons for dropping these features from DX9 version of the game. To get the full multiplayer experience, including the high-end interactive physics, gamers will need to be running a fully DX10 rig, which means a GeForce 8-series / Radeon 2-series and Windows Vista.

Gamers with DX10 rigs will be able to play on DX9-specific servers, but not the other way round.

How this will translate into multiplayer is still unclear. Is the interactive physics being dropped from the DX9 version entirely, or is this simply a multiplayer limitation? As with everything regarding Crysis, information is drip-dropping its way out slowly, but we suspect all will be revealed only when the game is actually sitting on a shelf

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