Portable Media Player - Toshiba 60GB Portable Media Player 2.4″ MES60VK Gigabit

Toshiba 60GB Portable Media Player 2.4Toshiba Announces the MES60VK 2.4 Inches wide screen and a huge 60GB Space which can play music continiously for 10 long days or store upto 40 days of music of average quality.You can view the video’s and pictures stored via the 2-3/8″ Size Screen in bright and vivid colours.You can connect the player to a Tivo Series DVR and download Live TV shows and watch them anytime, also the downloading features allow you to download music directly from napster or AOL and store in WMA or MP3 formats.

Also features connection with the XBOX Console where in you can use it to play your own custom background tracks while playing the games.Also features a FM Radio which can be used to store the LIVE FM and a intergrated microphone useful for recording lectures and seminars.It also supports WAV,WMV 7, WMV 8, WMV 9 video files, displays JPEG files, weighs just 4.84 oz.The Batteries continiously work for 12 hours when fully charged.

The market price of this product is in the range of 240$ to 399$ based on the sellers.

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