New Offer of Matchless Dropship Services to Retailers Wholesalers

Chinabuye - Announcing a New Offer of Matchless Dropship Services to Retailers/Wholesalers - A broader looking at China-based businesses has shown that Chinabuye stands head-above-shoulder with its competitors. On May 1, 2013, the company hit another laudable mark in its dropship services to both retailers and retailers as the Management's effort to improve on its goal of providing an excellent platform for those who want to venture into e-commerce proves successful.

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Without doubts, Chinabuye has years of high-rated experience in e-commerce and it's a leading China shop that offers a wide variety of products at the best lowest price. It's no wonder why the Management took a giant stride to operate a win-win kind of approach to dropship services, putting customers at an advantage.

Therefore, individual or corporate dropshippers stand a better chance of higher profitability if they adopt the China shop as their marketplace for their products. The company serves as a major bridge between Chinese manufacturers and dropshippers, and it's quite interesting that there is no MOQ, thus offering an open platform for flexibility of choices and buying decisions for their partners (i.e. dropshippers).

In respect of this, the CEO affirmed, saying, "Our goal is to ensure that interested customers get a good value for their money, and that they can order any number of goods." It's also said that their dropship services will help sellers to meet their goals since they can adopt any of the available tiers of membership. Typically, the newly improved dropship platform of Chinabuye has Diamond VIP, Golden VIP, Silver VIP and General Customers. More so, the Marketing Manager stated thus "Our objective is to encourage those who have limited budget and those who are beginners to start their own small storefront without any fear of running out of stocks - they can even order for one product!"

Furthermore, Chinabuye membership comes with various perks and privileges. Depending on the category of membership, discounts and deals vary. For instance, the Diamond VIP members would enjoy the best deals and the lowest rates. Nevertheless, membership upgrade is allowed.

As of today, there are a number of factors that make Chinabuye's dropship services second to none, and these include - direct upgrade to Dropship Customer Group in which members orders would be processed as dropship without logos, etc; dedicated customer service specialist that contact member directly to offer help if any issue arises on order; bulk ordering system; real-time stock /price information update; bulk download of product pictures without watermarks; datafeed for building a store it.

In respect of product quality, the Management assures its members of high-quality goods with one year warranty. To further encourage their members, all ordered goods attract free shipping to any parts of the world. "We want dropshippers at ebay and other sites to adopt our professionalism, services and tools to build their businesses as we are well-poised to serve as their wholesale supplier for all desirable goods", said the CEO. can supply all kinds of products which include tablet PC, outdoor gadgets, iPhone 5 gadgets, watch, phones, men clothing and women Clothing.

Indeed, Chinabuye has been able to prove its originality in e-commerce niche and it seeks to go extra mile to help its clients base of retailers and wholesaling dropshippers achieve excellencety. [Source]

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