Glasses-Free 3D Display - Holovision™ Technnology Patents Approved

Patents Approved for Holovision(TM) Glasses-Free 3D Display - Holovisions LLC, a Minnesota-based company developing new technologies for glasses-free 3D display with full motion parallax, is pleased to announce the approval of three new U.S. patents (7,889,425, 7,957,061, and 7,978,407) enabling its Holovision™ 3D display technology.

Glasses-Free 3D Display - Holovision™ Technnology

Unlike most methods of 3D display, Holovision™ does not require special eyewear and can potentially provide full motion parallax for multiple viewers in many directions throughout a wide viewing zone, can produce non-transparent images, and can create large-scale displays.

The first patent underlying Holovision™ technology is U.S. patent 7,889,425 -- “Device with array of spinning microlenses to display three-dimensional images”. Each spinning microlens in this device redirects light rays from one or more small image elements. Different content is seen from different viewing angles. The image contents displayed by small image elements are coordinated with the movement of the spinning microlenses, through which these image contents are directed, to form a pattern of light rays with the proper content and directionality so as to create the perception of 3D images. The second patent underlying Holovision™ technology is U.S. patent 7,957,061 -- “Device with array of tilting microcolumns to display three-dimensional images.” Each tilting microcolumn in this device allows the passage of light from one pixel. The interior of the microcolumn allows the passage of light, but the wall blocks or reflects light. The third patent underlying Holovision™ technology is U.S. patent 7,978,407 -- “Holovision™ 3D imaging with rotating light-emitting members.” Changes in the content of light rays from the light-emitting members are coordinated with changes in the directions of these light rays so that viewers in different positions can see appropriate three-dimensional images.

“We are proud of our intellectual property portfolio and the potential market for glasses-free 3D display with full motion parallax is huge, but there remains a lot of work to be done before Holovision™ becomes commercially available for consumers,” says Robert A. Connor, Ph.D., CEO of Holovisions LLC, “Considerable experimentation and prototyping remain to be done. There are significant challenges in the microscale manufacturing of the moving optical guides that are required for Holovision™. However, it is encouraging to see that microscale manufacturing is advancing rapidly and we could see the convergence of the required manufacturing technology with our IP portfolio by 2014. We welcome inquiries from interested parties who would like to learn more about possible partnership opportunities with us in the next stage of Holovision™ technology development."

Holovisions LLC is a Minnesota-based technology company with a growing intellectual property portfolio in the field of 3D display, including Holovision™ technology. Potential applications include: 3D television and movies; 3D computer monitors; 3D computer gaming and virtual reality simulation; navigation and air traffic control; medical imaging and computer-assisted surgery; 3D teleconferencing; new product design and development; 3D data analysis and manipulation; and telerobotics. The Managing Director of Holovisions LLC is Robert A. Connor, Ph.D., an inventor on over 40 patents and patent applications. [Source]

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