Expert Tips to Protect Computer or Smartphone Data in Hot Weather

24 Hour Data Recovery Service Says Protect Data In the Record Heat This Summer - Avoid the need for 24 Hour Data Recovery Services by protecting your data from high temps this summer.

The entire country is facing record high temperatures this summer, with 1,479 daily records for highest temperatures broken in various parts of the country. Abilene, Tex., holds the record for the most 100-degree days, with 47 through the end of July. And we've just hit August, the so-called “dog days” of summer.

Expert Tips to Protect Computer or Smartphone Data in Hot Weather

You don't need a data recovery expert to tell you that heat is bad for electronics. That's why laptop and desktop PC computers and Macs have cooling fans, and computers and servers should always be run in an air-conditioned environment during the summer.

Computers and servers not only give off their own heat, they can fall victim to outside temperatures, as well. Typically, the larger a computer component -- such as a RAID server -- the more heat it gives off, so proper cooling measures become even more important.

“101, 102, 104... These hot temperatures are no joke to business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy families who store their entire lives on their PC, MacBook, netbook or smartphone,” says 24 Hour Data owner Sean Wade. 24 Hour Data is a full-service, 24-hour expert data recovery company based in Plano, Texas, and serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the entire U.S.

“We've been fielding a lot of calls for data recovery from people who left their PC, Macbook or smartphone in a warm environment and damaged important files. These sensitive electronic devices must be kept cool in order to perform properly and prevent data loss,” Wade says.

Expert Tips to Protect Data in Hot Weather
Follow these tips to protect mission critical computer files, contact databases and everything else stored on laptops and smartphones.

1. If using a laptop at the beach or poolside -- anywhere outdoors, for that matter -- use a USB-connected cooling pad that sits beneath the laptop to keep it cool. (This is a large fan that is powered by your computer via a USB plug). Stay out of direct sunlight.

2. If a laptop has been stored in a parked car for any length of time and then taken out for use, wait until it cools off before turning it on again. Let it sit in front of the air conditioner or a fan for a few minutes to cool the components.

3. Don't leave cell phones or smartphones in a parked car or any other area that gets extremely hot very quickly. If a phone overheats -- some phones offer warning signals -- power down the phone and let it cool off before turning it on again to prevent damage.

Is Overheating the Problem?

If a PC or Mac overheats, it may:

Operate much slower
Lock up
Reboot itself
Turn off (without proper shutdowns)

In a worst case scenario, an overheated laptop can melt components, such as the CPU, motherboard, or hard drive components. If this happens, data recovery may be required. System re-boots and hard shut-downs (without powering down first) can cause data corruption and loss of mission critical files, requiring logical hard disk drive recovery.

Leave Physical and Logical Hard Drive Recovery to the Experts
If hard drive components melt, this requires a physical recovery to repair components and physically access the lost data, and logical recovery to repair the files. This is a complicated process that must be completed in a clean room environment by experienced professionals.

24 Hour Data offers:

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Mac Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
Database Recovery
Solid State Drive Data Recovery

If a PC, smart phone, MacBook or any other electronic device that stores important data has overheated and requires data recovery services, call 24 Hour Data immediately to start the data recovery process. We offer a fast diagnostic (within one to two hours), free price quote, and complete data recovery within 24 to 48 hours in most cases. Our iron-clad data guarantee means if we can't recover files, there's no charge to the customer. [Source]

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