Top 10 iPad™ and Tablet Accessories Announces Top 10 iPad™ and Tablet Accessories - Make your “tab” fab with stylish and functional accessories that keep iPads™ and Kindles™ safe, clean, connected, and at the perfect viewing angle

iPads™ and e-book readers are on their way to becoming as commonplace as smartphones and iPods™, but as more and more of us cross over into the land of tablet ownership, it’s become clear that this new generation of gadgets has a unique set of storage, cleaning and connectivity needs that call for some special attention.
Hard Case with Stand For iPad
“Because they fall between iPods™ and laptops size-wise, tablets can be a little tricky to carry around safely,” notes Christina Hansen, a Product Specialist with “They’re too big to slide into your pocket, and far too small to demand any type of laptop bag. It can also be a challenge to keep their touch screens free of fingerprints and smudges, but with a few smart accessories, it’s easy to keep iPads™ and any other tablet-style device safe, clean, charged, and easy to view.” offers the following Top 10 product suggestions to maximize your iPad™ or tablet reader experience both at home and on the road:

BlueLounge® Nest iPad™ and Tablet Stand
Stylish in a minimalist kind of way and unbelievably versatile, this iPad™ perch works as a stand, pedestal, and even a secret stashing place for keys, flash drives, and other small items. Choose from standard Black or White, or take a walk on the wild side with Pink, Blue, Green or Orange. Fits any tablet device.

12V USB iPad™ Car Charger
Being on the road with your tablet can make charging tough, but this 12V USB mobile charger ensures that on-the-go iPads™ are always powered up and ready for action. Just plug it into your car’s DC port (cigarette lighter), connect it to your iPad™ via USB cable (not included), and keep your eyes on the road as your tablet receives up to 10 watts of rapid charging power.

EVA iPad™ Hard Case with Stand
This hard case keeps your tablet safe from bumps and sharp objects as you carry it around by hand or in your purse or backpack, and then flips open to act as a stand when you’re ready to read an e-book, watch a movie, or surf the Web. An interior mesh pocket holds cables, a stylus, or other small accessories.

Glove2 Neoprene iPad Sleeve
Made from the same water-resistant Neoprene material as diving suits, this zippered sleeve won’t make your iPad™ submersible, but it will definitely protect it against spills or a quick dash through the rain. Its form-fitting profile adds barely any bulk to the shape and size of your tablet, so it’s perfect for iPads™ that are frequently slipped into crowded purses or briefcases.

Tweakers Mini Boom iPad Speakers
Equipped with expanding bass booster chambers, these tablet-friendly speakers are able to produce a level of sound that’s impressively big for their tiny size. A retractable cord plugs into any iPad™, iPod™, iPhone™, or other portable audio device that accommodates a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. Built-in lithium battery recharges via an included retractable USB cable.

DeoxIT Screen Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth
Perfect for removing fingerprints and sticky smudges from tablet touch screens as well as CRT, LCD and plasma displays, this ammonia- and alcohol-free cleaner is gentle and effective enough to keep all of your screens, mobile and non-mobile, in pristine and grime-free condition. Includes a 12" x 12" microfiber cloth.

Adjustable Wire Tablet Stand
Ideal for home use but even better for travel, this barely-there, wire-framed tablet stand is coated in a non-slip plastic sleeving that prevents iPads™ and e-readers from sliding out of place when propped up. Designed to fold up when not in use, this rugged steel travel companion can withstand years of handling, but takes up virtually no space in your luggage.

Rubber-Tipped Stylus for Touch Screen Gadgets
Fingerprints driving you crazy? Go “hands-off” and use this rubber-tipped stylus to interact with your tablet’s touch screen instead. Designed to be as gentle on your iPad as a real fingertip, this stylus leaves behind none of the oily smudges, and thanks to its small size, offers greater precision for typing and link-clicking.

iPad 30-Pin Dock Extension Cable
If you’re dying to listen to your iPad’s tunes through an iPod speaker dock but it seems like there’s no way to possibly connect, then this adapter cable is just the ticket. Equipped with a 30-pin connector that plugs right into the jack on your iPod dock, this extension cable lets you connect your iPad™ for whole-room audio enjoyment, even though it isn’t able to physically sit in the dock.

Rechargeable iPad Sync/Charging Cable
Essentially a combination of a syncing/charging cord and a battery backup, this unique cable can be plugged into a computer to recharge your iPad’s™ battery under normal circumstances, or used as an emergency auxiliary power source when a USB charge isn’t available. When plugged into a USB port, this cable simultaneously replenishes both its own battery and your iPad’s™, so it’s always ready to go.


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