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How To Remove Negative Complaint Sites in Google? New Book Helps Business Owners Fight Internet Slander By Controlling Search Results - The author of the top-selling Reputation Management Textbook; How to Fight Google and Win has just updated the system to include more strategies on how to remove the latest business complaints sites. Business owners across the country have benefited from the online brand protection strategies highlighted in How to fight Google and Win, and this latest chapter adds even more firepower to remove negative complaint sites.

Complaint sites like Complaint Board, Rip-Off Report and Pissed Consumer can destroy the reputation of a business in the matter of months. How to fight Google and Win is constantly updated to adjust to any changes that may take place in Google’s page-ranking system.

On March 1, 2011 Remove announced that How to fight Google and Win now features a chapter designed to remove a negative attack site from the registry of the hosting company. Customers who purchase the E-Book and How-To Videos automatically receive updates and strategies without any additional cost.

In an interview with Tyronne Jacques, CEO of Remove, he stated that the main goal of his strategy series is to empower and equip business owners with everything they need to protect their business from Libel, Slander and Defamation of Character. Without your reputation, you have nothing. When someone tries to take away your good name it is vital to stop them in their tracks immediately.

“One negative article on the first page of Google under your company’s name can single handedly destroy your sales projections. Many business owners are not aware that there are steps they can take to not only remove negative content from the first page of Google but also keep any new attacks from landing in view of current customers.”

Tyronne Jacques went on to say, “Sure you can pay someone to remove the negative content but we teach you how to protect your business without getting gouged.”

The updated edition of the E-Book is now 280 pages which also features a resource section as well as a customer service number for a free strategy session. Listed below are a few of the chapters included in How to fight Google and Win.

"How to Fight Google And Win."

1. I understand
2. The Anatomy of an online attack
3. Why search engines could care less if it’s true or not
4. What can we learn from Liskula Cohen vs. Google?
5. How to flex legal muscle
6. You have the right to protect yourself
7. Know your enemy
8. Goons and Goblins
9. Sexting Prevention – What happens after you press ‘send’
10. If you build it right they will not come back
11. Fight-training- Discover how to fight your negative content
12. Round 1- How to Remove Cyber Bully Attacks from the first page of Google
13. Round 2 -How to remove a negative article
14. Round 3 -How to remove a negative blog or forum
15. Round 4- How to remove a negative complaint site
16. Round 5- How to defeat an aggressive attacker
17. Round 6- How to Protect your business from online slander
18. Round 7- How to remove negative links from court cases and convictions
19. Round 8- How to bounce back from negative publicity
20. Round 9- How to vanity search before your next job interview
21. Round 10-How to create positive publicity [Source]

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