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CES 2011 Report – The Best OLED Innovations on - Complementary Editorial Service for online magazines and print publications: The latest photos and videos from the CES for free publication. presents the most interesting innovations from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas. The leading online portal for OLED - the display and lighting technology of the future – will be live on-site every day from 5 to 9 January reporting on the latest OLED products and the latest prototypes. Examples include 3D TVs without extra glasses, transparent displays and flexible AMOLED displays with extremely high resolution.

Transparent OLED Notebook

This year, the exhibitors at the CES presented an especially large range of innovations: The OLED Association, for example, presented not only five transparent OLED lighting panels by Novaled on glass but also a flexible 4-inch AMOLED-Display on metal foil. Visitors also had the chance to admire LG’s new 31-inch 3D-OLED TV panel.

“Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) has some especially interesting prototypes on show,” says Erich Strasser, publisher and editor-in-chief of “Flexible 4.5-inch AMOLED displays can be rolled together with a radius of just a few centimetres yet has full WVGA-resolution with its 800 x 480 pixels – four times as many as current prototypes.”

Another innovation by Samsung is the world’s first large transparent AMOLED display: a 19-inch prototype for televisions and monitors. With up to 30 percent transparency, it would allow you, for example, to surf the internet while watching TV. Erich Strasser: “In the near future there will also be completely transparent touch screen monitors like in the films Minority Report or Avatar.”

Free photos for editors has set up a complementary editorial service for journalists: under you will find free high-resolution pictures and videos of the latest OLED innovations of the CES 2011. Publication in online and print media is free of charge as long as is mentioned as the source in the subscripts.

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